About Alliance

Alliance Aerospace Engineering is a minority-owned and FAA-PMA (Parts Manufacture Approval) approved organization. Alliance Aerospace Engineering provides reverse engineered aircraft parts and components to major airlines and repair stations worldwide. Alliance's world-class engineering, manufacturing, program management, and lean system processes ensure our products are characterized as best in class, exceeding FAA requirements for the aerospace market.

Alliance is a leading manufacturer of highly complex, precision-machined components and assemblies for the aerospace, commercial, and defense industries. This strategic partnership has created an infrastructure that is fully supportive of the Aerospace industry, and gives Alliance the competitive edge that is demanded in a rapidly growing market.

Alliance Aerospace Engineering's goal is to create exceptional value for its customers by providing high-quality aircraft parts in a timely manner at competitive prices. We do not strive to simply meet customer expectations, but to exceed them.

Engineering capabilities

  • Design and Prototyping
  • CAD, CAM, Solid Modeling
  • Full Metallurgical/Material Analysis
  • Proof and Endurance Testing
  • Seamless Configuration Management
  • Document Control Systems
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Alliance Aerospace Engineering proudly holds the following certifications and qualifications:

  • FAA Production Approval Holder (PAH)
  • On-site FAA Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative (DMIR)
  • FAA ACSEP Approved Quality and Manufacturing System
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