Executive Management

Carlo Moyano, CEO

Carlo entered the field of aerospace over 31 years ago under the tutelage of his father Jose Moyano when they opened JCM Engineering in 1978. He eventually became President/CEO of JCM Engineering, taking it to levels beyond expectations. His insight and vast experience in the field of aerospace has led him to pursue opportunities in the PMA field. Through Carlo's entrepreneurial spirit, he started Alliance Aerospace Engineering in 2006. To extend his vision further, he has created a unique partnership between the infrastructure at JCM Engineering and Alliance Aerospace Engineering that is unlike any other in the industry. His handpicked team of highly qualified and experienced personnel stand ready to service the PMA industry.

Myrna Lamar - Operations Manager

Myrna has over 22 years of experience in Aerospace Process Controls and Quality Management Systems. Her career span began at JCM Engineering from 2000 to 2020 until she joined the Alliance Aerospace Engineering team in 2021. Myrna's 22 years of experience have advanced her to the current position of Operations Manager for Alliance where she administers over all daily operations. Furthermore, Myrna has also been appointed as the Authorized Release Document Designee to issue 8130-3 per CFR 21 §21.137(O) on behalf of Alliance Aerospace Engineering.

Tom Blaser - Director of Sales and Marketing

In his 35 years of aviation experience, Tom has spent 23 years working with customer's worldwide in support of FAA-PMA products. He has been the single accountable individual at Alliance since 2007 in working directly with customer needs in PMA development. Tom has worked with engineering teams and participated in aviation meetings/conferences gaining considerable knowledge of the industry requirements and building that into customer satisfaction through PMA certification. In the millions of dollars provided in customer cost benefits, he is well known for maintaining the highest standard of customer service and dependability.