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Alliance awarded FAA-PMA approval for Boeing's 737 series Main Landing Gear Door Hinge Assembly

FAA approves PMA for 737 Hinge Fitting Assy. FWD and AFT Inbd. M.L.G. Door
assemblies P/Ns'10-A8341-9 & 10-A8341-10

This Hinge Fitting Assembly is part of a recent Service Bulletin, SB#737-52A1167 and soon to be Airworthiness Directive for the 737 Next Gens. We broke down the existing $6,550.00 Boeing Top Kit #002A0003-147 and can supply the principal P/N’s 113A8341-9 and -10 Hinge Fitting Assy under our FAA-PMA P/N’s 10-A8341-9 and -10. Boeing currently has no stock and the AD is set to release soon. We recently provided a cost advantage to a major airline carrier of $2.9 million on a fleet campaign over the next 24 month period and would like to pass this benefit on to you!

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Alliance Aerospace Engineering is a minority-owned and operated FAA-PMA (Parts Manufacture Approval) approved organization.. Alliance's world-class engineering, manufacturing, program management, and lean system processes ensure our products are characterized as best in class, exceeding FAA requirements for the aerospace market.

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