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Servo Valve and Brake Body Approved

Alliance Aerospace has just received FAA-PMA approval on the Servo Valve, Brake Body OEM P/N:35-003-2-3 which has been a 3 year reverse engineering project. The brake body was cracking and required replacement of the body assembly P/N: 25-003-2-5 or the entire Servo Valve P/N: C20374000-1 and -2. Our engineers determined it would be cost-effective to manufacture the 35-003-2-3 brake body providing a major cost advantage to repair facilities and air carriers from having to buy the entire unit from Messier Bugatti. Alliance Aerospace Engineering is currently the only FAA-PMA manufacturer of this ATA 32 part in the world!

About Alliance Aerospace Engineering
Alliance Aerospace Engineering is a minority-owned and operated FAA-PMA (Parts Manufacture Approval) approved organization.. Alliance's world-class engineering, manufacturing, program management, and lean system processes ensure our products are characterized as best in class, exceeding FAA requirements for the aerospace market.

Contact Information:
Name: Brenda Kane
Company: Alliance Aerospace Engineering
Telephone: (714) 760-9913

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