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Main Landing Gear Hydraulic Hose Support Bracket

Alliance Part Number: 10-EB2197-001
Approved Replacement(OEM): 2309-2197-001
Make: Embraer
Model: ERJ-145
Model Eligibility: EMB-145, EMB-145ER, EMB-145MR, and EMB-145LR
Sales Note: The OEM Support is prone to cracking along the welds due to landing gear vibration and must be replaced frequently. Alliance has improved the original OEM design by doubling the amount of welds for each part. Our parts are welded in 4 places on the inside and 4 places on the outside, while the OEM welds only the 4 locations on the outside. This makes our part considerably more durable.

FAA-PMA Certification (PDF)

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